London Film and Comic Con is a fan convention organised by Showmasters and is (usually) held anually in London's Olympia.The event itself focuses on films, comics, television and even anime and gaming! providing a chance for fans of a wide range of pop culture -including famous franchises such as Star Wars, Marvel, Doctor Who etc- to come together and engage with other fans.

Throughout the venue there are a selection of stalls selling a range of movie and comic related memorobillia and merchandise an example being Funko Pop figures.This is also a fantastic opportunity to support/meet smaller artists and authors who also often have their own stalls in the halls.

A very popular part of London Film and Comic Con is cosplaying, the convention sees some amazing costumes of popular characters and even includes a panel to show these costumes off!

Not only do those attending have an amazing selection of merchandise relating to their favourite movies, tv shows, games etc which often includes rarer items, they also have the chance to meet some of their favourite celebrities during proffesional photoshoots and autograph sessions- this year saw guests such as the incredible actor Nick Frost, famous for movies such as Shaun of the Dead,Hot Fuzz and Paul.

Usually taking place in July, this years London Film and Comic Con took place over three days in November (19th, 20th, 21st) due to the pandemic causing multiple occasions of being pushed forward.Originally planned for mid-late July, the event was initially delayed to November 2020 before again to July 2021 and finally reaching the November dates which took place.

After attending the event myself every year since 2015, I can most definitely say it was greatly missed last year- I was immensly glad to have the convention back and i'm sure many other attendees would agree.This year's LFCC took place in one hall rather than the usual two and was more spaced out to ensure the safety of those attending due to the Corona virus.

London Film and Comic Con is a great event to attend for those interested in a fun day/weekend involving some of their favourite films, tv shows and games!