Fancy testing your pop culture trivia knowledge against your peers and likeminded people - whilst also raising thousands for charity? Every month you have the chance to change lives!

£282.43 was raised for the Superhero Foundation on Sunday the 21st of November as revenue from a wonderful quiz event at the Three Wise Monkeys on Colchester High Street. These quizzes are created and hosted  by ‘Film, TV & Music Quiz’ on Facebook ( Eager to find out more, we asked the mastermind behind these events, Chris Hunt, a few questions about his brilliant work.  

Having the pleasure to speak with him, he told me that an astounding total of, “£64,398.87 has been raised so far” across “10 years” of hosting quizzes. When asked how many he’s hosted, he responded; “I’ve done around 300, I reckon.” The sheer amount of commitment and effort that this has taken is something that I can only applaud, and feel  it’s a great inspiration to see this charity work be done so frequently, while providing so much entertainment. Chris deserves congratulations for the focus he’s put onto the lesser fortunate, and how he’s used his platform for superb results.  

When I asked about how Chris had gotten into quizzing originally, he retailed  this story; “The pub I worked at decided to give a quiz a go one month, and I offered to write and host it, as I’m passionate about films, TV and music and [I’m] quite a confident talker. This was just over ten years ago. It went well, so I carried on doing them once a month, and I just sort of never stopped!” Personally, it’s heart-warming to see the good nature here, as well as the passion for providing interesting and intensive quizzes bringing attention to a charitable cause.  

He continued; “That led me to doing different venues and I’ve also performed quizzes for school PTAs, such as Copford and Lexden Primary Schools.”  

I greatly appreciate Chris’ selflessness, and how each quiz is dedicated to a different charity; meaning a large range of people in need are able to receive some help. When asked about how Chris chooses these charities, he stated; “I take requests/suggestions for which charities/causes to donate to.” Adding onto this later, he said: “I’m always looking to take suggestions for charities and causes. Anyone is free to message me via the [Film, TV and Music] Quiz Facebook page to suggest a charity.” 

Chris’ Good Samaritan personality is a breath of fresh air in today’s stressful world, as is the mental relaxant of his quizzes – however much of an oxymoron that may seem! I fully support attending and enjoying the evenings of fun that Chris, as well as all the hard-working staff at his many venues (including the Three Wise Monkeys in Colchester and Ipswich) provide.  

If you want to enter one of his future events, or support him however possible, then Chris invites you! Saying: “I host a monthly Film, TV and Music Quiz at Three Wise Monkeys, and I do a different special quiz each month too, so there’s always a quiz around the corner.”  

Having the pleasure of attending one of Chris’ renowned quizzes on Sunday evening, my experience was immaculate: enjoying a great evening with my group coupled with a delightful meal at the Three Wise Monkeys. I found even greater reward knowing the revenue is going towards the Superhero Foundation. It’s fitting that the quiz was on the MCU and superheroes, because Chris certainly seems like he could be one. I have a massive respect for Film, TV and Music Quiz, as well as the venues that support this, and would love to congratulate them. Please, check out their Facebook page, and go enjoy one of their quizzes when possible!