GAZETTE readers say there is “no way” they would support tougher Covid restrictions to drive down cases over Christmas.

Over 40s in Essex are being told getting booster jabs is the ‘most urgent priority’ in the fight against Covid-19.

At the weekend there was a drive to get people to attend vaccine appointments.

Cases across the Colchester have been rising with 1,000 recorded in a week. Last year people across the country were limited on who they could see on Christmas Day.

And Gazette readers said they did not think another lockdown was a good idea this year - at all.

Megan Rowley said: “No I missed out with seeing my family last Christmas. I won’t do it again this year. Especially as we are all double vaccinated.”

Sonia Burmby said: “Absolutely no way! I am not missing out on seeing anyone like last year. I was meant to spend Christmas Day with my dad last year, but I was diagnosed with Covid on Christmas Eve and so I had to isolate for ten days.

“Tragically, my dad died this year following an accident so I won’t ever get another Christmas with him. I won’t be missing out with my other family members this year!”

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Christy Smith said: “No way, we seem to be in a lot better place, with one of the highest vaccinated rates - why would we need to if their vaccine works.

“People will just ignore it if they were to.”

Tim Stoat also questioned if a lockdown would work.

He said: “There is no evidence that tougher restrictions prevent deaths. All over Europe case numbers have rising in countries with tough restrictions whereas here they have been falling for weeks. Restrictions merely cause immense collateral damage.”

But some said they would follow whatever rules were in place.

Susan Taylor said: “I will adhere to whatever is needed.

“I am double vaccinated and have just been discharged from hospital following Covid.

“I am lucky I am home it could have been so different.”

Jacqueline Dobson said: “Yes, then not only do the cases of people dying from Covid go down, but the number of people dying from the flu goes down as well.”