THESE are the most dangerous roads in Colchester for cycling.

It comes as new research by Boyes Turner found Essex had more accidents involving cyclists in 2020 than the majority of the country.

The research showed it ranked 12th with 263 incident.

Surrey was first with 493.

An interactive tool called Crash Map shows you where fatal, serious and slight cycling incidents have happened in your area by using the latest police and government data.

Data shows that more than 270 cycling incidents occurred in Colchester between 2016 and 2020.

One of the most dangerous areas is The Albert Roundabout with ten incidents recorded in the last five years with two of them deemed as serious for the cyclist who was hurt.

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Nearby North Station Road has also been highlighted as a dangerous area for cyclists with six incidents.

Gazette: The crashes at the Albert roundabout and North Station RoadThe crashes at the Albert roundabout and North Station Road

There were eight incidents on the stretch of the A134 which runs between Asda and Colne Bank Avenue with three considered serious.

Another 11 incidents were reported in East Street and East Hill.

There were also ten incidents reported on the length of Ipswich Road, however none were considered to be serious.

Gazette: The crashes reported in East Street and East HillThe crashes reported in East Street and East Hill

There were three incidents at the Ipswich Road roundabout and four at the Harwich Road roundabout in the last five years.

Earlier this year improvement works were completed along the stretch of road.

There were five incidents – including three serious – reported on Mersea Road.

There were six incidents reported on Mill Road of which two were considered serious.

A spokesman for Boyes Turner said: “Cyclists are particularly vulnerable on British roads, especially in areas that do not have marked out cycle lanes, and cyclists are more susceptible to injury in collisions than motorists.

“Our analysis has shown the areas where cycling accidents are most common, with London unsurprisingly seeing a large number of cycling accidents in recent years.”