A SONG-WRITING duo from Essex have released a festive anthem featuring a chart-topping star.

Danbury residents and co-songwriters Mark Young and Adrian Warwick were inspired to release a song celebrating love at Christmas after Covid has affected many people mentally.

The pair collaborated on the lyrics and melody and their publisher loved it.

The song carries a simple but important message; at times like this love, a smile and true friendship conquers.

It's Love on Christmas Day was released on Friday (November 26) and features UK female country artist Keedie Estelle.

Keedie had a number two UK chart hit with Duncan James from the band Blue.

The duo say they chose Keedie to join them on the track on hearing her performance on the song My Reason for the Andy Garcia film, Modigliani.

Adrian said: “Her voice is amazing, strong with a beautiful warm tone. We contacted her about appearing on the track, and on hearing the song she immediately said yes.”

Keedie added: “This is a beautiful heartfelt love song supported by a truly magical video, which portrays the feeling of love and how it the most beautiful gift we can both give and receive.

"I believe it will resonate with everyone in these strange and difficult times. It’s a song that promises nothing but the simple gift of sincere love on Christmas Day."

For more information about the Essex songwriters visit warwickandyoung.co.uk/music.