Foremost Financial Management:

Paul is a full-time financial advisor and has his own successful business called Foremost Financial that was started in 1992. He wanted a business where he could help people achieve their financial dreams. He says it is a ‘brilliant job’ and he thoroughly enjoys it. Paul is able to make long term relationships with many of his customers and is always wants to help them. Foremost Financial has good reviews with the lowest number of complaints in the South of England and Paul really cares and looks after his customers.

He has 8 employees, including 3 financial advisors, 1 mortgage advisor and 4 other members of staff. He doesn’t advertise since he has such a loyal customer base. Based in Colchester, his customers have always stayed with him all the way through COVID and he is extremely successful.


The history of the Marble Project:

Paul Crawley is one of the 6 main volunteers of this amazing charity, the Marble Project. He spoke about the history of the Charity, and how it was originally going to be called the ‘Bulgarian Orphanage Project’. The ‘marble’ part of the name comes from the fact that children play with marbles. The Charity was founded in 2005 by Paul and two of his friends, and it helps underprivileged children and the elderly. When Paul was 40 years old, he worked for a charity in Bulgaria, he felt that they could really use some help, this started the idea of the Marble Project.


About the Charity:

The volunteers make the time to visit Bulgaria 3-4 times a year and were there as recently as last week. Since COVID-19, visiting is now tricky, but the Charity volunteers are doing their very best to help out. For fundraising, they hold charity music concerts where there are tributes acts like PINK, and their target is 10K a year. The goal for the future is ‘to make the lives of the elderly and the children more comfortable’.