CONVICTED killer Jeremy Bamber has exclusively told the Gazette he is optimistic his case will be referred back to the Court of Appeal, as campaigners are set to march on Essex Police headquarters demanding evidence is disclosed.

More than 60,000 people have signed a petition supporting Bamber’s call for information to be released.

Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, along with representatives from the Jeremy Bamber Innocence Campaign team, are set to hold a protest outside Chelmsford Police HQ tomorrow over what they say is a non-disclosure of documents in Bamber’s case.

Mr Tatchell hopes to hand a letter to Essex Chief Constable BJ Harrington demanding the release of thousands of items of evidence which it is claimed were not disclosed by the police at the time of Bamber’s murder trial in 1986 - and at the two subsequent failed appeals.

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Bamber, speaking from the high security prison HMP Wakefield, said: “I think it is outrageous it has taken so long for this disclosure, there is no excuse.

“The Judicial Review and three courts have said the police must disclose this evidence but they have not. This is contempt of court.

“I am hopeful the police will now make full disclosure and the Criminal Case Review Commission will refer my case back to the Court of Appeal.”

Bamber was convicted of the murder of five members of his family in their home, White House Farm, in Tolleshunt D’Arcy in 1985.

However, he has maintained his innocence claiming it was his sister Sheila Caffell who killed their adoptive parents June and Nevill Bamber, 61, and her twin sons Nicholas and Daniel, six, before turning the gun on herself.

Gazette: Jeremy Bamber at the funeral for the family he was later convicted of killingJeremy Bamber at the funeral for the family he was later convicted of killing

The prosecution claimed during the Chelmsford Crown Court trial there was evidence of blood in the sound moderator.

Sheila could not have shot herself with the silencer on the gun because her arms were too short.

Police also found the silencer in a cupboard downstairs.

However, Bamber says two sound moderators were found, one by the police and three days after the shootings by his cousin David Boutflour.

He says the evidence was contaminated and the two silencers were presented as one to the jury.

The evidence of two sound moderators is among the information Bamber wants disclosed.

Bamber, 61, has now been in jail for 36 years and is subject to a whole life order, meaning that he will never be released unless his conviction is overturned.

Mr Tatchell said: “This wholesale police suppression of evidence means Jeremy did not get a fair trial and his conviction is unsafe.

“To remedy this injustice, the Essex Chief Constable must now comply in full with court orders to hand over all the evidence to Bamber’s defence team.”

Yvonne Hartley, of the Bamber campaign team, added: “Although the Court of Appeal has twice ordered full disclosure, these judicial instructions remain unfulfilled by Essex Police.

“All repeated and continuing requests for disclosure have been met with a refusal by successive Chief Constables.

“There was a partial disclosure of withheld evidence but only after the 2002 appeal.

374,000 pages of documents were eventually provided to Jeremy and his campaign team in 2011.

“Analysis of these documents revealed that thousands of other case documents and photographs still remain undisclosed by Essex Police.

“A significant portion of this withheld evidence would support Jeremy’s innocence.”

An Essex Police spokesman said: "In August 1985 the lives of five people, including two children, were needlessly, tragically and callously cut short when they were murdered in their own home by Jeremy Bamber.

“In the years that followed this case has been the subject of several appeals and reviews by the Court of Appeal and the Criminal Cases Review Commission – all of these processes have never found anything other than Bamber is the person responsible for killing his adoptive parents Nevill and June, sister Sheila Caffell and her two sons Nicholas and Daniel.

“Essex Police have continued to comply will all legal requirements in this case, and will continue to assist the CCRC as required.”