Choosing the name for your business may be one of the most important decisions you make. 

It can be the difference between someone remembering your firm and not. 

Researchers at takepayments limited have analysed thousands of business names registered on the companies house website in their annual business names index. 

It shows how many businesses across the UK use a county in their name. 

Essex came second with 5,147 businesses with the county in their moniker. 

It was beaten by Kent with 5,522 firms with the location in their name. 

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Sandra Rowley at takepayments Limited said: ”Choosing a business name is one of the most difficult decisions for a new business owner as your name really has to resonate with your brand identity and connect with your customers.

"Locality is playing a huge part in consumer spending habits, as more people are opting to shop local and support local businesses following the pandemic.

"This is echoed within our analysis as over 135,000 businesses include a city within their name, which we can presume correlates to where that business is situated or gets their produce from.

"New business owners should consider including this information within their business name to help enhance their local connection with customers if they can.“