After missing their first whole school production last year in over 20 years due to COVID, The Boswells School are bringing it back this year with ‘What Lies in the Woods’.

The theme of this production was inspired by the hit musical ‘Into the Woods’. The school’s auditorium will be decorated and set so that the audience feel as though they are in the forest. It will be performed from the 22nd to the 25th November at 7pm each night at the Boswells School theatre. Tickets are available now at

There have been some changes to their usual format for the production as the school decided to keep the year groups separate as a precaution for COVID. Each year group will be performing a 30-40 minute piece centred around the theme ‘what lies in the woods’. Each performance is a retelling of a famous fairy tale with comedy, heart-warming moments, dark turns and a special Boswells twist. The separate performances will be linked together with a prologue and finale between each piece.

I spoke to Miss Wilcox, Deputy Head of Performing Arts and Head of Drama at The Boswells School, who has written the scripts and is directing this production. After talking to her, I discovered that one of the biggest challenges has been in the increased workload, she said, “It has caused a lot more work behind the scenes in writing 5 original scripts and bringing 5 pieces together.” However, the different structure has meant even more opportunities for students in each year group with an increased numbers of main parts.

As Miss Wilcox explains, “People should come and see the shows as they will be showcasing 5 different magical stories with amazing acting, dance and singing.” So don’t wonder what lies in the woods, come and see for yourself, buy your tickets now and prepare to be blown away by an array of talent and magic!