A YOUNG woman said she “couldn’t talk or move at all” after she believed her drink was spiked while on a night out.

Grace Langdon, 20, of Frinton, headed to Atik, in Colchester’s town centre alongside a group of her close friends before ordering a drink.

After taking a few sips of her first beverage at the club she fell over before eventually blacking out.

Her friends have since informed Grace they all headed to the smokers’ area so she could get some fresh air but by this point she could barely stand or hold her head up.


Sensing something was seriously wrong, Grace was carried out of the venue by her friends before two bouncers from a different venue rushed to her aid.

“When we got outside I could no longer hold my body or head up and I had to be laid down on a bench,” added Grace.

“I started shaking and moving my body uncontrollably but at this stage I was still able to talk.

“My friends then called my mother-in-law and friend to come and get me to take me to the hospital.

“By the time they came I couldn’t talk or move at all, I could only grunt and I just started crying because I couldn’t move.”

Grace was taken to hospital and had to be put into a wheelchair before she eventually passed out.

Her blood samples have been sent off for testing, and she now believes she was one of at least ten potential victims of drink spiking over two weekends in Colchester.

“I am so grateful my friends who were there and I feel awful for those who wander off in that state or don’t have friends who will look after them,” added Grace.

“Given the state I was in, Atik shouldn’t have assumed I knew the people I was with and that I had a safe way home. “I wouldn’t want anyone else to go through this.”


A spokeswoman for Atik has now reassured revellers measures are in place to keep people safe - and it is a top priority.

She said: “Everyone should feel safe on a night out and in our club. While these incidents are rare, we take reports of drink spiking seriously.

“Our teams are fully trained on the issue and have the support of our onsite medics, we operate our We Care policy and support the Ask Angela scheme.

“We will offer anti-spiking devices to all of our guests and operate searches on entry, which include ID scanners and metal detector arches.

“We have extensive CCTV coverage throughout the venue and our security teams wear body-cams and we will pass on footage to the Police to help with any investigation.

“Anyone who is suspected of spiking will be detained and handed over to the police.

“We would encourage anyone who sees suspicious behaviour, or suspects they have been a victim of spiking, to seek immediate assistance from a member of staff or security, who are trained to help. and who also have the support of our onsite first aiders.

“We would encourage them to contact police and seek medical advice, so any allegation can be investigated.”