A TALENTED and resilient young dancer who battles several different conditions which impact her behaviour has won a myriad of prizes after taking part in a competition.

Brogan Barnett, 19, of Harwich, has been dancing since the age of just four-years-old and currently attends the Signature Dance Academy, which is located in Clacton.

She passed her pointe foundation ballet exam when she was just 16-years-old at the prestigious Royal Academy of Dance, in London, and now studies musical theatre at University Centre Colchester.

Last week brilliant Brogan scooped four top trophies during a performing arts tournament held at the Clacton Leisure Centre after impressing judges with her routines.

Reacting to her win she said: "It feels very relieving to know my efforts have been noticed and it is almost feels like a form of self-approval knowing my dancing is noticeable after years of training and hard work to get to a competitive stage.

"When they were calling the numbers out I felt so much adrenaline but when my other dance girls were being called out I felt the same for them too - it was just an exciting moment."

Brogan has long-lived with autism and ADHD, and also depression and anxiety, but refuses to let any of the conditions define her or her ability to fulfil her passion.

She added: "It is has affected me in many ways but the biggest one is that I often think 'what’s the point in everything?'

"But when I am dancing that goes away and I see a point in life when I’m dancing, I see a point in everything."

Brogan's mum, Tonia, says her daughter's approach to life and the defiance she shows in the face of adversity is inspiring.

She said: "It’s been a long battle getting Brogan the support that she has needed with her education but she has exceeded all expectations and we are very, very proud of her."

Tonia's partner, Ray Pemberton, is equally as proud of Brogan.

He added: “Dancing has helped Brogan manage her ADHD symptoms, even though it has always made school and college difficult for her.

“But she always says that nothing will hold her back from doing her love of dance and performance.”

Brogan will next perform at The Signature Dance Academy's Iconic show at the West Cliff Theatre and during Tonia and Crazy Ray’s Charity Cabaret event.