FINAL plans to build houses, flats and offices on a disused industrial site have been backed by town councillors.

Developer AR Clarke wants approval for a detailed planning application which aims to develop an eyesore site in Halstead.

The land, which is located off Kings Road, is the old Hunwick site.

The developer wants to build nine houses, 12 flats and ten offices on the site.

An initial bid was submitted by the developers in December 2019.

Initial planning permission was granted by Braintree Council in April this year.

The application was passed despite objections from residents and Halstead Town Council.

Residents on Kings Road raised concerns over parking and a lack of infrastructure on the street, with access to the new development coming from Kings Road and Factory Lane West.

Braintree Council received nearly 20 objections.

One objector said: “There is no doubt that this site needs to be developed. It has lain waste for far too long and the perimeter fencing severely obstructs the view of traffic entering Parsonage Street from Factory Lane.

“However, the layout of this site needs further revision.

“Access and egress into Kings Road is totally unacceptable. The existing residents do not have in-curtilage parking, which means Kings Road is the only location they can use.

“This development will remove much of that on-street parking which will not only cause extreme inconvenience for those residents, but also result in other side roads being used, to the detriment of traffic safety and existing residents.

“Already Balls Chase, from the mini roundabout towards Ravens Avenue, is clogged with residents’ parking.

“Factory Lane is far too narrow to support construction traffic, and commercial traffic once the site is complete.

“In my opinion, the whole site should be redesigned so that all access and egress is into Parsonage Street, where there is plenty of room to manoeuvre and good visibility in all directions.

“This is to me a ‘no-brainer’.”

Halstead Town Council had no objections to the plans, which were discussed at a meeting on Monday.

However, there are still concerns over junctions and tree planting which could obstruct the view of drivers.

Braintree Council will have the final say over the plans at a later date.