Anti-vax protesters have been condemned after they stormed into Colchester Hospital to serve staff with bogus legal notices claiming the Covid-19 pandemic was a hoax.

In a video posted on Twitter, an anti-vax campaigner hands over envelopes to a member of staff at the hospital.

He said: “We have liability and witness evidence to serve to Nick Hulme, your chief executive, as well as all the other chief executive officers of Colchester Hospital.”

He continued: “I will be serving you the Nuremberg Code, the UK Medical Alliance, PANDA declaration for the protection of children, Motu proprio – you’ve probably not heard of this one, but you guys all have liability.” You believe you can hide behind the NHS so you can’t be held in your personal capacity.”

The man then claims the Pope was head of businesses around the world and stripped the NHS of its liability in 2013.

He then handed over a final envelope saying: “The most important [document], which is all of the evidence to prove that coronavirus is an absolute ‘plandemic’, a hoax, that you are operating illegally, and are committing crimes against humanity, and by continuing to enforce and continuing to propagate this lie you are part of that.”

Colchester MP Will Quince condemned the action. He said: “I am aware of the shocking incident at Colchester Hospital which has been shared on social media.

“Our hard-working NHS staff deserve better than this.

“I refuse to share the video as it’s what these conspiracy theorists want but will say please get your jab and booster.”

Unison Eastern Head of Health Sasha Savage added: “Bursting into hospitals to accuse NHS staff of breaching the Nuremberg Code and claim Covid is a hoax would be laughable if it wasn’t so deeply insulting.

“NHS workers know better than anyone the appalling effects of the pandemic. They’ve seen patients, colleagues and friends die at the hands of this deadly virus.

“Stress levels are through the roof as they struggle to cope with Covid and its effects on other services. The last thing NHS staff now need is to be harassed by a gang of self-styled activists comparing them to Nazis for doing their vital jobs protecting us all.”

The Gazette contacted the hospital trust but it declined to comment.