A TRAUMATISED teenager who was left temporarily paralysed before waking up in an alleyway says her and her friend were spiked during a night out in Colchester.

Isobel Pearce, 19, was enjoying an evening of clubbing in Yates, in Head Street, on Saturday, with one of her closest companions, who is also 19.

Shortly after taking a sip of their drinks, the pair said they completely blacked out before Isobel eventually regained consciousness in the bar’s toilets.

The former Colchester Sixth Form student initially found herself entirely incapable of moving and being persistently sick.

“I was unable to pull my own underwear up and I was completely unable to even stand or move any part of my body,” she said.

“There was a bouncer who picked us up to remove us and she just put us out on the streets, despite us saying we hadn’t had much to drink and had been spiked.


“I blacked out again and the next thing I know me and my friend are being woken and picked up from an alleyway.

“We were lying on the floor all alone and unconscious, gurning and in our own sick.

“We were then carried to the SOS Bus and the following morning taken to A&E."

Isobel's ordeal comes after Essex Police launched an investigation after they received at least 12 reports of suspected spiking in Colchester

One of those came from Helen Dunston, 68, who reported her youngest daughter, 27, had collapsed at a town centre bar.

She previously said her daughter had become “like jelly and could barely stand up and was clearly drugged” and was “foaming at the mouth.”

In recent days reports of young clubbers being unknowingly injected with drugs have also become a major talking point.

Isobel has now issued a warning to other bar-goers and has urged them to be vigilant while on a night out in the town.

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She added: “I dread to think what could have happened if somebody else found us with worse intentions.

“My friend has lost all memory from the moment of sipping the drink and mine has vanished.

“You cannot trust bars to not let you get spiked and you cannot trust staff to help you if you have been.

“This is how unsafe we really are - it seems we really do only have each other.”


A spokeswoman for Yates said: "The safety of our guests and our team, has always been, and remains, our number one priority and we continually review our safety and security procedures to ensure our customers and staff remain safe. 

"We treat all allegations of spiking seriously and ask customers to bring this to our attention immediately should they have concerns their drinks have been tampered with. We have attempted to contact Isobel, so that we can understand from her directly the details of her experience.

“We are aware there is increasing concern over alleged increases in spiking in clubs and bars,  and have therefore enhanced our measures and employed Guest Support to assist any guests that are feeling vulnerable or unwell. 

"These team members are easily identifiable, as they wear a neon armband. We have enhanced security checks on our door, and we ask guests remain vigilant and report any unusual or suspicious behaviour to one of our team immediately."