A group of people who entered Colchester Hospital on Wednesday and accused NHS workers of committing crimes against humanity has been condemned by a Conservative MP.

Leading the group, a man in a green hoodie handed envelopes to a member of staff at the hospital and said: “Here is evidence to prove that coronavirus is an absolute “plandemic”, a hoax, that you are operating illegally, and are committing crimes against humanity, and by continuing to enforce and continuing to propagate this lie you are essentially a part of that.”

In a post on social media, the Conservative MP for Colchester, Will Quince, wrote that the actions of the anti-vaxxers in the hospital were “shocking.”

He wrote: “I am aware of the shocking incident at Colchester Hospital yesterday which has been shared on social media.

“Our hard-working NHS staff deserve better than this.

“I refuse to share the video as it's what these conspiracy theorists want but will say, please get your jab and booster.”

The trade union UNISON, which represents health workers and public servants, deemed the treatment of NHS workers by Covid deniers as “appalling.”

The statement read: “NHS workers know better than anyone the appalling effects of the pandemic – they’ve seen patients, colleagues and friends die at the hands of this deadly virus.

“Stress levels are through the roof as they struggle to cope with Covid and its effects on other services.

“The last thing NHS staff now need is to be harassed by a gang of self-styled activists comparing them to Nazis for doing their vital jobs protecting us all.

“We hope the NHS and police will do everything they can to protect staff from this appalling treatment.”