What do we know about the man who is believed to have killed Sir David Amess?

His death on Friday was a huge shock not only to people in Essex, but for people all across Britain.

Much is known about Sir David – his sincerity, his politics and what he stood for.

But less is known about the man who is alleged to have killed him.

What do we know about the suspect?

The murder suspect is called Ali Harbi Ali, and is currently being held under the Terrorism Act.

He is 25-years-old and is a British citizen of Somali heritage.

He has been living in an area of north London.

Did authorities know he could be a potential danger?

It has not been revealed exactly when, but Ali had been referred to the counter-terrorist scheme, called Prevent, some years ago – participation in the scheme, however, is voluntary.

It is believed he was not known by the security service MI5.

Were his actions pre-meditated?

Evidence so far suggests that Ali had booked a slot at Sir David Amess’s constituency surgery a week in advance of the MP’s death, meaning it may have been planned.

How was Sir David killed?

He was stabbed at least 17 times at around midday on Friday. Emergency services were called to the scene shortly after, but at around 3pm, Sir David was pronounced dead.

Where is the murder suspect now?

Ali is currently being held at a London police station, where police have until Friday to question him.

Did he act as part of a group, or on his own?

Ali is believed to have acted in isolation, and the police are therefore not looking for anyone else in relation to Sir David’s death.

What has the murder suspect’s family said?

That Ali Harbi Ali is the suspected killer of Sir David Amess has come as a major shock to Ali’s family.

His father, Harbi Ali Kullane, said: “I’m feeling very traumatised. It’s not something that I expected or even dreamt of.”

Mr Kullane had formerly been a civil servant in the Somalian government, and an adviser to the Prime Minister.

What did Ali do after Amess was stabbed?

Following the killing, Ali Harbi Ali is said not have resisted arrest from police, and is believed to have simply waited for the police to arrive and arrest him.

What are the police doing now?

They are currently searching three addresses in London

What happens next?

Police officers have until Friday to fully question Ali on the events of Friday afternoon.

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