AN animal lover who fears her precious pet pooch was stolen says cruel pranksters have threatened to harm her dog unless a ransom is paid.

Yasmin Ticquet, 60, of Alresford, owns two springer spaniels, one of which has been missing since September 24.

Adorable Arnie, who has a brown and white coat, is now presumed stolen after fleeing Yasmin’s horse yard in the Tenpenny Hill area and failing to return.

Despite distraught Yasmin searching all the surrounding areas and contacting nearby landowners and businesses, no sightings have been recorded.

One volunteer even launched a search and rescue thermal imaging drone over a vast area in Alresford, as well as the village’s lakes and quarry.


Upset Yasmin said: “My two springer spaniels escaped but Arnie's mum Jess returned later in the evening, but sadly on her own.

“We now believe Arnie was picked up and retained by a visiting dog walker at Alresford Creek on the afternoon he went missing.

“We are heartbroken as a family, as are our other dogs, and we desperately want to get him home safely, but he has not been reported as found to any vets or wardens.”

Yasmin and her family are now spearheading a stolen dog appeal after reporting the suspected spaniel snatch to Essex Police.

They are offering anyone who can facilitate the return of absent Arnie to his loving owners a reward of a currently undeclared sum of money.

In addition to worrying about her missing pooch, Yasmin has horrifically also fallen victim to pranksters threatening to kill Arnie unless a ransom is paid.

She added: “Arnie's story has been extensively shared over social media, on all missing dog and pet sites.

“We have also put posters up in neighbouring villages and reported him as stolen to the police.


“But, we have also been subjected to cruel, threatening scammer calls demanding money to prevent his death.

“We are offering a finder's fee with no questions asked for his safe return.”

To contact Yasmin with any information about Arnie call 07813 403189.

Essex Police has been contacted for comment.