A TEAM of metal detectorists were called in to save the day after a man lost his wedding ring.

Members of the Braintree Metal Detecting Club were called to Silver End after BBC Essex radio producer Ian Puckey lost his ring while he was coaching a youth football team.

Detectorists Gary Ashdown, Jim Panting and Brian Day gave up their time to help him find the treasured possession.

The club is place for hobbyists to search for historic items but they are also regularly asked to find lost items.

The group members say they’re happy to help and locate missing items free of charge.

Gary and Brian, from Tye Green and Jim, from Maldon, spent two hours searching the field but they struck gold and found Ian’s ring.

Gazette: The detectorists spent two hours searching for Ian's lost ringThe detectorists spent two hours searching for Ian's lost ring

The tale was told on the Ben Fryer BBC breakfast show the next day.

Gary, 53, said: “He asked Brian if he could arrange for some people with metal detectors to search a football pitch in Silver End to try and find his gold wedding ring he lost on Sunday.

“Me, Brian and Jim arranged to meet him at the pitch on Tuesday and found it after about two hours.

“This is a free service we offer at Braintree Metal Detecting Club for any local who needs help finding an item.

“We are always looking for land to search for history and welcome any offers of land to detect.

Gazette: Ian was thrilled when Brian Day showed him his beloved ringIan was thrilled when Brian Day showed him his beloved ring

“He was over the moon at us finding his beloved wedding ring and thought he wouldn’t ever see it again and couldn’t thank us enough for swiftly recovering it.

“We get asked a few times a year to find a beloved lost item. We have never failed yet to recover an item.

“He was emotional when we found it for him.

“It’s a hobby for all of us. I’ve been into the hobby about two years and others in the club over 40 years.

“I personally love finding things related to the past and often find various bits related to Braintree from old artefacts to coins and buttons related to people and businesses in times gone by.

“ I recently dug up a coin specially minted for Braintree to celebrate Braintree’s success in trade and commerce.

“I think it is dated 1863 and has the Saint Michael’s hospital on it.”

To contact Gary email gazash1@icloud.com.