A PENSIONER was left in “disbelief” after her wall was destroyed by a car.

Sue Kelly, 66, was just settling down for bed when she heard an almighty bang outside her bungalow in Tony Webb Close, Highwoods, Colchester.

Stepping outside her property at about 10.30pm yesterday, she saw bricks and a car scattered across the road.

“I heard an almighty crash,” said Mrs Kelly. “The bungalow was vibrating and my dogs were going ballistic. It was so loud I thought a car had hit another car.

“I had a look and all my neighbours were out in the road and there was a car there too.


“I saw all these people chatting and I was just standing there watching - I couldn’t figure out what all the fuss was about as it was dark.

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“It was then when a lady pointed out it was my wall which had been hit, I couldn’t believe it.”

It came as a huge shock to Mrs Kelly, who is struggling with a chest infection and was feeling weak.

“I thought the wall had been hit by a bus it was that bad,” she added.

“There were bricks all over the road and the driver had raced off up the road.

“I was absolutely devastated at the mess and damage. Some of the wall has broken through into my garden and it has destroyed my hedge.


“It’s a high hedge which gives quite a bit of protection and privacy to my house, but it’s not going to have to come down.

“At nearly 67-years-old, I struggle to keep my garden looking nice and now it’s destroyed.

“The council turned up to help clear the mess but, to my disbelief, they began throwing all the bricks into my garden.

“I have, however, had a lot of responses from people who have been really kind and I’ve had some brilliant offers to help.

“It shows there are good people out there who have great community spirit and want to help others.

“It would be nice, however, if the person responsible came and apologised. I know who she is and I know she knows what has been done.”

Mrs Kelly explained the incident didn’t surprise her, as speed is an issue on the adjacent Derwent Road.

“I’m surprised it hasn’t happened before because the speed the traffic travels down this road at is ridiculous,” she explained.

“I was thinking earlier this week that somebody is going to hit my wall soon and lo-and-behold, they have.

“My garden is now ruined and my hedge too.

“Every night I hear vehicles flying past. People need to slow down before someone is badly hurt.”

It is understood a woman was arrested at the scene. Essex Police has been contacted for comment.