THE friends and family members of a young man who died in a motorcycle crash believe somebody is sabotaging his memorials.

Tommy Young, 17, tragically died on July 31 last year after his motorbike hit a lamppost, in Frinton Road, Kirby Cross.

Following his untimely death those closest to the Tendring Technology College student have strived to keep his memory alive.

For a long time after the incident, for example, they would regularly meet at the scene of the crash to lay flowers and touching messages.

His family then unveiled a special remembrance bench at the Kirby Playing Fields where he used to play when he was younger.


More recently, Tommy’s loved ones have started to attach photographs of him to the lamppost next to the Parker’s Garden Company, near to where he died.

However, distraught Lilly Whittaker, one of Tommy’s closest friends, now says the pictures are constantly being ripped down.

She said: “Before, someone kept trashing the items placed at his post but now there is another ongoing incident where they just keep being taken away.

“We do sort of have an idea who it might be and I even went to her house, but she was rude about the whole situation so I left.

“The plaque on his bench has also been stolen.”

Following Tommy’s death a coroner to concluded he sustained a fatal injury to his abdomen and died as a result of the crash.

According to a toxicological report he had also “consumed a significant quantity of alcohol” at the time of the accident.


Tommy’s grieving mum Sally Britton has been left devastated by her son’s death, but Lilly says the memorial saboteur is now making the situation even worse.

She added: “We would like people to be aware of what is going on because we do not want this to go unseen.

“It’s an every day struggle for Tommy’s mum and this added stress is not fair.”