FRINTON which famously lost a hard-fought campaign to keep out a fish and chip shop is in line for its second… after almost 30 years!

The town hit the national headlines in 1992 when Nice Fish and Chips - now Young’s Fisheries of Frinton - opened despite vociferous objection from residents and councillors.

Many feared the move would taint the reputation of the tranquil resort, which unlike its kiss-me-quick neighbours Clacton and Walton, does not revel in amusements or traditional seaside attractions.

The town also famously lost a battle against the opening of its first pub – the Lock and Barrel – in 2000.

Peter Goring has now applied for change of use to open a fish and chip shop at the former Caxton Books shop in Connaught Avenue, next door to his existing Pier One fish restaurant.

A report by the applicant says the shop will be used as a takeaway while supporting the kitchen of the neighbouring restaurant, allowing a wider menu for customers.

The two premises will be linked with a new opening to allow staff to move between the two.

Frinton councillor Nick Turner said times have changed and that he is “ambivalent” about the plans at the moment.

“The Pier One restaurant is well respected and have made a success of themselves,” he said.

“Like all businesses, they have gone through hard times with the pandemic and are still here.

“And it would be good to see an empty shop taken on.

“The only concern I have is that it is both a commercial and residential street and even with the best extraction systems, residents will still be subject to considerable food smells.

“I don’t think the thought of a fish and chip shop will be as contentious as it was in the past.

“The other fish and chip shop has been integrated into Frinton and works well – as does the pub.

“Many of the older generation who objected to the fish and chip shop in the 90s were against it because they conflated fish and chip shops with being on the bottom of the pile.

“One gentleman told me he had worked hard his whole life and was proud to live in a town without a fish and chip shop – and the opening of one would reduce what he had achieved in life.

“But those days have long gone.”

The application is for the new shop states it would be open daily from 10am to 10pm.

A report added: “The premises are located in a town centre location with predominantly retail uses with night time comings and goings with existing uses along Connaught Avenue such as restaurants, a pub, Sainsbury’s and the Co-Op.

“The additional use to the restaurant would not create a significant impact upon neighbouring amenities.”