A new TV show is set to explore the case of Colchester murderer James Fairweather.

Fairweather was handed two life sentences and will spend at least 27 years behind bars for brutally stabbing two people to death in Colchester, when he was just 15.

Journalist Dermot Murnaghan will explore the case in an episode of the upcoming third season of true-crime series Killer Britain.

Here is what you need to know about the TV show.

Who is James Fairweather?

Fairweather stabbed James Attfield 102 times near Colchester’s Castle Park in March 2014 - and knifed Nahid Almanea 16 times on the town’s Salary Brook Trail two months later.

The trial heard he had researched killers including Ian Huntley and Myra Hindley and Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe.

Fairweather admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility, claiming he believed he was possessed by the devil and heard voices that compelled him to kill.

A jury convicted him of two counts of murder after an expert told the trial that Fairweather’s description of the hallucinations sounded like something plucked from a horror film.

He is known as “Britain’s youngest serial killer”.

What is the show looking at?

True-crime series Killer Britain, filmed exclusively for Crime + Investigation, will see Murnaghan use each episode to recount a case he has reported on or followed at close quarters.

The four-part series will explore separate murder stories, told with archive footage and key interviews from those closest to the case, including family members of the victims and investigating officers who were first at the scene.

Murnaghan will be joined by former Met Police Detective Chief Inspector Clive Driscoll, best known for helping to secure the convictions for the murder of South London teenager Stephen Lawrence.

Episode three will focus on Fairweather and is set to be aired on Wednesday, October 27 at 9pm.

The episode summary describes him as “Britain’s youngest serial killer”, adding: “Dermot Murnaghan brings in the expertise of former Met detective Clive Driscoll to look back at the case of James Fairweather, a 15-year-old boy who viciously stabbed two strangers to death in separate attacks.

“Fairweather avoided investigation in the first instance after providing an alibi to police detectives, however, was spotted a year later by a concerned dog walker wearing rubber gloves and carrying a knife.”

Killer Britain Season 3 is available to stream on C+I Play from October 26 and on the October 25 at 9pm on Crime+Investigation.