PLANS to launch a new bid for Colchester to be recognised as a city could see the town become a destination for city break holidays.

The proposal is expected to be set in stone at next Wednesday’s Colchester Council cabinet meeting and, if successful, it will be the first time the coveted status has been awarded in a decade.

Colchester has tried and failed three times to gain city status, with the latest rejection being in 2012 when the honour was bestowed upon Chelmsford.

Inspired councillor Darius Laws now says the council must seize the opportunity to regain its rightful title ahead of the December 8 deadline for applications.

Mr Laws, Colchester Council portfolio holder for economy, business and heritage, said: “Whenever there has been an opportunity for Colchester to bid for city status we always have.

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“Does Colchester deserve the recognition of being a prestigious, urban city centre? Yes, absolutely.

“For me, it was an absolute no brainer and some would argue we still are a city anyway.

“Colchester is uniquely placed close to London, the coast, and an airport. We also have wonderful greenery surrounding us and fantastic education.

“It’s a really great place to live, consequently people want to move here and we’ve grown. As a result, we have an infrastructure deficit and having city status will go some way to helping us get the infrastructure we need.”

Mr Laws is now excited if the bid is successful Colchester will be able to force its way into the city break destination market for holidaymakers.

He added: “It’s fashionable for people who are upwardly mobile, have disposable income and want to do stuff on the weekend to take a city break.

“They want dynamism, excitement, new experiences and a mixture of old heritage with the new.

“I can confirm, if approved at council, we will be putting in an excellent bid and Britain’s first Roman city can become its newest one.”