THE hunt is on. About 13 years ago eco-warrior Karl Dixon ignored the advice of those who knew him best in order to start up A&D Reclaim.

The treasure trove, located in Sladbury’s Lane, Clacton, is overflowing with everything from vintage and retro trinkets to piles of concrete slabs and eye-catching statues. 

Karl, 53, has made it his mission to repurpose anything and everything he can get his hands on, with a view of helping the environment.

Each month, Mr Dixon’s Aladdin’s Cave prevents as much as 20 tonnes of waste going to landfill or being crushed, much of which is given a new lease of life before finding itself in someone’s home.

Now the piece of land on which his business is located will soon no longer be available, so Mr Dixon is preparing to have to haul of his prized possessions to new site – as long as he can find one big enough.

Can you imagine moving this lot?