A FRUSTRATED resident has raised safety concerns over plans for a new 20-metre telecoms mast next to her house.

Anne Crowley, who is in her 70s, was contacted by a telecoms firm, which is proposing to improve network services in the area by replacing the pole next to her property with a taller one.

Cornerstone has launched a pre-planning consultation for the 12.5-metre pole on Frinton Road, Holland-on-Sea, to be demolished and a new 20 metre one to be built there instead.

Mrs Crowley said the existing mast was less than a meter away from her garden fence, which could put her own property in danger because of the heavy traffic.

She added: “There are a great many industrial lorries which use Frinton Road along with motorbikes, bicycles, and night-time boy racers.

“If the drivers lose control of their car, they could well go into this mast and our property is involved.

“This could cause a huge accident with possible lives lost, injuries and damage to our property.”

Mrs Crowley is worried the path is already too narrow and having a taller pole on the side would make it even harder for people to walk down the road.

She has also raised concerns about her house price being affected.

She added: “When I spoke to an estate agent they said that this telecoms mast could have an impact on property prices around the area and on my property too.”

A spokesman for Cornerstone said: “Cornerstone understands that our mobile infrastructure impacts communities and we ensure that engagement with local stakeholders, such as planning authorities and elected community representatives, is prioritised throughout our development process.

“As part of this engagement, we have sought stakeholder comments on the proposed base station at Holland-on-Sea from the ward councillors, a school and some residents.

“We are working closely with the Highways Agency to ensure the proposed development does not compromise pedestrian and driver safety locally.”