A REAL life Barbie doll flew into a “rampage of anger” during a visit to hospital, attacking nurses and security staff, a court heard.

Kerry Miles, 37, was visiting her grandmother on a ward in Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford, shortly after Covid visiting restrictions were lifted.

Miles, who has spent more than £280,000 trying to recreate the looks of the famous plastic toy, was told by staff her visit was outside of her arranged hour slot.

Colchester Magistrates’ Court heard the 5ft 6ins blonde flew into a rage with staff throwing folders and a computer screen at a nurse, leaving her with severe bruising to her arm.

Miles, known as The Essex Barbie, then threw hot plates across the care of the elderly ward.

She claimed staff called her ‘gypo’ and attacked her, causing her to use her martial arts training in self-defence.

Miles, from Broadway, Silver End, was found guilty of three counts of assaulting an emergency worker.

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Ward sister Isobelle Dobson told the court how the carnage unfolded after she tried to negotiate with Miles about finding a better time to visit.

“Her eyes were wide. She sat forward in her chair and she pointed her finger at me,” she said.

Ms Dobson returned to the nurses’ station where she began to make a report of the heated discussion.

Gazette: Kerry Miles in court for attacking hospital staff at Broomfield Hospital

A short while later she saw Miles asking a healthcare worker to speak to a manager, asking in an “extremely aggressive” tone.

Miles then launched into a tirade of abuse towards Ms Dobson.

“Kerry became enraged and began throwing anything it seemed that was in front of her, to start with it was pens and papers.

“Then she picked up a folder - it hit me to my right forearm,” said Ms Dobson.

The court heard Miles then picked up another folder, lifting it above her head before launching it at Ms Dobson.

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Ms Dobson said: “After the second folder I put myself in a brace position. As I came out of the brace position she had picked up a computer and threw it at me.

“Next thing I remember Kerry was still in a rampage of anger… there was screaming and shouting.

“I remember seeing Kerry going to the crash trolley with the de-fib and she tried picking up what she could to throw.”

The court heard the incident left staff “screaming hysterically” as Miles launched hot plates into the air on the ward which had up to 30 elderly patients.

Miles took to the stand to claim she had been attacked by staff and acted in self defence, using her martial arts training.

She told the court she had rung the hospital and asked to go in as she believed her nan would not live much longer.

“I heard the words ‘That’s the gypos over there. It made us feel awkward,” she said.

Miles claimed she overheard a member of staff say that ‘She’s the one who has had all the plastic surgery’.”

She told the court her anger was towards Ms Dobson, who she claimed insulted her over her traveller heritage.

She claimed she thought would be ‘walloped’ by Ms Dobson and said: “I felt I was going to get attacked. I felt under siege.”