Drivers can save cash if they shop around for petrol as prices near an all-time high in the UK.

Petrol prices are now close to their highest levels since 2012.

With petrol currently costing on average 135.5p per litre in the UK, the price of filling up is far higher than during the pandemic last year, when petrol costs fell to as low as 105p per litre.

Diesel costs have also risen, with the average UK price sitting at 137p per litre compared to 112p at its lowest price in 2020.

These numbers are not far off the UK’s record high for fuel prices in 2012, when petrol and diesel cost 137.4p and 144.7p respectively.

The increase in cost is due to the reopening of the economy post-pandemic, but the price of fuel can still vary markedly between different petrol stations.

We’ve put together a list of some of the cheapest (and priciest) petrol stations in Colchester and Tendring and found choosing a budget garage for filling up could save you nearly £5 per tank.

These are the petrol costs we have compiled via petrolmap.

Best value: Asda, Turner Road (CO4 5TU) – 131.7p per litre

sda on Turner Road leads the way with petrol costing £79.02 for a 60-litre tank.

Pretty good: Little Bentley Service Station, Colchester Road (CO7 8RX) – 132.8p per litre

Located on the A133 on the way to Clacton, the Little Bentley Service Station is also a good option. Filling up a 60-litre tank here would cost you less than £80, with the price coming in at £79.68.

Pretty good: Sainsbury’s Western Approach (CO3 8AA) – 132.9p per litre

The Sainsbury’s at Tollgate Retail Park is just as good, especially given as it’s just off the A12. At 132.9p per litre, a 60-litre tank of petrol would cost you £79.74.

Not bad: Tesco, Greenstead Road (CO1 2TE), Tesco Extra, Highwoods Square (CO4 9ED), Esso, Peartree Road (CO3 5JX) – 133.9p per litre

Dotted around Colchester, these filling stations are pretty reasonable too. A 60-litre tank at this price will take you over the £80 mark though, with the price of a full tank sitting at £80.34.

Getting pricey: Esso, Elmstead Market (CO7 7EE) – 135.9p per litre

Though conveniently placed on the way to Colchester, this Esso garage sees prices creep up a little. A 60 litre tank here costs £81.54.

Expensive: BP, Ipswich Road (CO4 0EU) – 138.9p per litre

This BP garage on Ipswich Road may be conveniently located, but at 138.9p per litre, the price is up there as one of the most expensive you’re going to get in Colchester. A full 60-litre tank will set you back £83.34...and it is only a mile away from Asda.