AN elderly woman has been left “terrified” after a brick was launched through the window of her care home bedroom landing just “inches” away while she slept.

Police are now investigating after a man, part of a group of five young people, committed the dangerous act at Nayland Lodge, in Nayland Road, Mile End, Colchester.

CCTV footage shows a youngster picking up a brick from the side of the road and throwing it through the window of the home just before midnight on Monday.

Sarah Reed, who runs the home which cares for those in need of extra mental health support, said she was “incensed” at what could’ve proven a fatal incident.


“It was such an awful thing to happen and someone could’ve got so seriously injured,” said Mrs Reed.

“At the time I was made aware a resident’s window had been smashed, so the night staff moved her to another room but we didn’t know what had happened.

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“When we investigated in the morning there was broken glass everywhere and the brick had actually flown through her bedroom and landed in the en-suite.

“The resident’s bed is next to this bathroom and had she stood up or been in the toilet I’m in no doubt this would’ve caused a serious injury, if not killed her. She was sleeping literally inches away from where the brick landed.

“We looked at the CCTV and have seen what happened very clearly. I’m incensed; so angry.

“This would’ve been horrible for anybody but this is a home for people who have enough struggles in life without this.

“These are people who have quite severe ongoing mental illnesses and it has really upset this lady.

“We’ve still got elderly, vulnerable people around and it’s terrifying for them. It makes you wonder what this group will do next if they aren’t caught.”

A spokesman for Essex Police said: “A group made up of four boys and one girl, aged between 15 and 17, were seen nearby and we would like to speak to them in connection with the incident.

“One of the boys was wearing white trainers, a black jacket and grey tracksuit bottoms. The girl was carrying a handbag and was wearing white shoes.”

Call police on 101 and cite 42/197318/21.