A MAN told how a thug in a van fired a bolt from a crossbow into his stomach after accusing him of sleeping with his partner.

Essex Police confirmed a suspect remains at large after an assault in East Street, Colchester, at about 6.30pm on Saturday.

The victim, a man aged 25, who asked not to be named, reported being hit with a bolt from a crossbow.

He told the Gazette he had been staying at nearby council temporary accommodation in the days before the attack.

The victim said he met his attacker the day before the incident through a neighbour, with the pair exchanging pleasantries.

“I left, he left, there was nothing else said,” he said.

“On the day of the attack I had seen a van pull up behind me into the car park, I didn’t think much of it.

“I was wearing a suit as I was waiting to go to a party.

“I was talking to one of the occupants at the temporary accommodation, the next thing I’m hearing shouting in my ear about ‘sleeping with my missus’ or something.

“The man from the day before was on the other side of the van bonnet, with a crossbow in my face.”

The victim described the weapon as a small, one-handed crossbow, and said the assailant wielded a small axe in his other hand.

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He added: “I said ‘don’t shoot me with that thing’.

“The next thing he had shot me with a small bolt with a sharp point. The end of it penetrated my abdomen, it was kind of sitting on my skin slightly dragging down so I pulled it out and dropped it.

“A guy who lives in the same block of flats as me came out to my defence.

“I ran around the corner and I could hear the noise of the crossbow being cranked again, as if he was putting another bolt in.

“I wasn’t really feeling too worried – it was just shock and acting on impulse.

“The guy got in his van and went straight back out the way he came.

“I was more concerned with finding another shirt so I could go to the party.

“But the next day when I had a chance to sit down and think about what happened to me, it did effect me and I thought I could have lost my life.

“He could have hit me in the eye or the face.”

He said police had since moved him to a hotel for his own safety, due to the suspect living at a nearby address.

A police spokesman said: “The victim was taken to hospital for treatment for minor injuries.

“Officers carried out a search of the area for the suspect and there are ongoing arrest attempts to locate the suspect.”