A CLACTON woman has revealed her and her family were potentially just hours away from being caught up in the attack on the Twin Towers.

Kim Chapman was on holiday in New York with her family back in September 2001.

On the day of 9/11 they had planned to go the top of the South Tower, which featured a public observation deck on the 107th floor called Top of the World.

However, the viewing platform did not usually open to the public until after 9.30am, so the two planes hit the buildings before tourists had a chance to reach the top.

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At the time of the attacks the family was positioned across the Hudson River, in New Jersey, from where Kim saw the towers fall.

She said: “I was in New York with my family witnessing the Twin Towers come down.

“It was pretty horrific. Thankfully we were all safe. and watching it from across the river in New Jersey.

“But we were actually on our way to go up to the viewing platform of the Twin Towers that morning. So, it was very scary.”