AN investigation has been launched following reports that a number of clubbers may have been spiked while on a night out in a town centre. 

Essex Police officers have been informed people were taken unwell in Colchester overnight between Thursday September 2 and Friday September 3. 

The force believes the victims' drinks may have been spiked, placing them in "vulnerable" and "potentially harmful" situations.

A spokeswoman for Essex Police has now confirmed officers are taking the concerns seriously and are looking into the reports. 

She said: "We are speaking with those working in licensed premises around the town centre to help ensure staff are informed, especially door staff when undertaking searches.

"If you do see anyone who may need help when you are out, please let a member for staff know."

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The police's investigation comes after horrified mum Emma Benjamin spoke to the Gazette about how she believes her daughter was spiked.

The 39-year-old, of Shrub End, Colchester, received a concerning phone call at about 11.55pm on Thursday night which instantly shook her to her core.

She was told her 18-year-old daughter, Shania, had collapsed while out clubbing in a town centre bar with some of her close friends.

Without hesitation fretting Emma immediately rushed to Head Street, where Shania is said to have fallen ill before becoming unresponsive.


“I took her to the hospital myself and by the time we got there she was slowly coming back around, but it was like she was paralysed,” added Emma.

“By the time she was actually seen she had passed out a few more times and then the doctors just put it down to her being too drunk.

“But I did not agree with that, because her friends said they watched her change in seconds and they have never seen anything like it.”

The following day Emma says she was contacted by police officers who she says told her two other girls had been hospitalised with similar symptoms.

She has now urged other parents in Colchester and surrounding areas to ensure their children are more vigilant and careful when they go out drinking.

Emma added: “The officers were the ones who said to me it looked like Shania was spiked, so something needs to be done to protect these girls.

“Please keep safe ladies, because I never ever want to see anyone go through what Shania did and my heart goes out to the other girls too and their parents.”

The latest incident of suspected spiking comes exactly one month after another 18-year-old girl was reportedly targeted inside a Southend club.


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Millie Taplin later suffered seizures, which her mum said made her look “possessed”, and she also lost all sense of feeling in her legs, hands, and feet.

If you have information about these incidents you can report it online by visiting