A STUDY has compiled a vast list of driving laws which vehicle owners may be guilty of commonly breaking without even realising.

Gumtree, the British-based classified advertisement and community website, has pulled together research on certain laws which drivers may not have known about.

If a driver is caught allowing a dog to have their head out of the window, for example, they could see between three and nine points put on their licence.

It is also illegal to use a mobile phone while waiting at a drive-through, an offence which could see someone lose their licence if they’ve been driving two years or less.

Among a raft of other rules drivers do not know they are running the risk of breaking, it is also illegal to take money from friends or family members for providing a lift.


Doing so could see drivers slapped with a fine of £2,500, while swearing at drivers, or flashing drivers to warn them of speed cameras, could result in a £1,000 fine.

Alongside experts, Gumtree has also debunked some of the UK’s commonly misconstrued driving laws to let drivers know once and for all where they stand.

Driving in flip-fops, for example, is not actually illegal as long as the car can be used in a correct manner, and you can drive with no shoes on.

Drivers can also travel along the roads while having their interior light on and driving with headphones in is also not classed as a law-break.

Peter Brabin, head of training at Bill Plant Driving School, said: “There is an incredibly common myth that you are not allowed to drive with an interior light on.

“There is nothing in The Highway Code however that states you cannot drive with an interior light on within your vehicle.

“That being said, it can also be considered a distraction to other road users, so if you are driving in the dark with an interior light on, it’s possible you may be pulled over.

“Flip flops are largely considered flimsy and are therefore considered impractical footwear for managing any type of vehicle.

“But while they’re not ideal as your foot could very well slip out of the flip flop or off the pedals, it is not illegal to drive wearing them.

“If you’re ever unsure, it never hurts to have a solid, sturdy pair of shoes in the car to drive in, which you can change out of once you’ve arrived at your destination.”

To view the full study visit gumtree.com/info/cars/advice/driving/debunking-uk-driving-laws/