A SEASIDE town’s war on ice cream sellers has been reignited a year on after a mobile vendor pitched up next to a prized beauty spot.

A bicycle with a freezer and an umbrella attached to it was spotted opposite The Round House, in Cliff Way, Frinton.

It soon transpired lollies were being sold from the vehicle to day-trippers and beachgoers relaxing on the Greensward and seafront.

But the Greensward is owned by Tendring Council and certain by-laws and licensing rules are in place to prevent businesses from being allowed to freely trade on the genteel space.

Residents have also long been protective of the famous area and councillors are proud of the town’s lack of commercialisation, which resorts like Walton and Clacton thrive on.


So much so, last summer some Walton and Frinton town councillors took aim at ice cream sellers in the area.

At the time an online poll of almost 730 Gazette readers found 55 per cent supported calls to ban ice cream sellers from trading on the Greensward.

The arrival of the mobile ice cream vendor has, therefore, whipped up a storm... and not of ice cream.

Terry Allen, Tendring councillor for Frinton and deputy mayor of Walton and Frinton Town Council has called for there to be a blanket ban on the ice cream sellers.

He said: “Our town is not a seaside resort and people come here for the mystique of Frinton and these people are trying to erode that.

“They want to rob the legitimate traders in Frinton just to get some silver and they should be warned off.

“The whole of the seafront and Cliff Way needs to be prohibited to stop vendors like this, otherwise it will be open season.

“Someone needs to get a grip because this is going to ruin what Frinton is for thousands of residents.”


Resident Robert Smith, 32, is also furious about the prospect of ice cream sellers pitching up in the town.

He said: "If they want to sell ice cream then make them pay the same business rates and rent as the rest of Connaught Avenue.

"Why should they get away with it?"

Another resident, who asked to remain anonymous, said Frinton should remain as it has always been.

He said: “I’ve been visiting Frinton for more than 30 years and have now lived here for five years and I loved the fact it was quiet and clean with no sellers.

“If you want an ice cream, go to Walton or Clacton or bring your own because the more this is allowed, the worse it will get.”

Alun Primmer, however, says Frinton needs to embrace a different approach like other coastal towns have

He said: “Yes, [ice cream vendors should be allowed to trade in Frinton]

“Frinton is no better than the rest of Tendring and it is about time they realise that.”

Barbara Pitcher questioned why someone selling ice cream in the area was an issue.

She said: "I moved away from the area 50 years ago, but obviously Frinton’s snobbery has not diminished one jot.

"What the hell is wrong having an ice cream seller?"

A Tendring Council spokesman said the authority had received some calls from residents about the ice cream seller and had investigated.

“As trading is taking place from the public highway this does not constitute the public space of Frinton Greensward, and any by-laws do not apply,” he said.

“Under licensing rules sales would be prohibited on the Esplanade in Frinton, but are not in Cliff Way where this trader is located.

“Therefore with the information available to us this trader is operating lawfully, and no further action will be taken.”