A GANG of youths who trespassed on to a railway structure could have suffered “devastating consequences”, a transport boss has warned.

Several youngsters were caught on camera climbing on to a signal gantry by the side of the tracks at Kirby Cross train station.

The tall metal structure is usually used by Network Rail engineers who use it when carrying out maintenance under strict safety procedures.

In pictures seen by the Gazette the brazen boys appear seemingly oblivious to the dangers of the overhead wires located just behind them.

The wires carry up to 25,000 volts of electricity, which is always switched on at the station, and can latch on to people who get too close.


Had that occurred, the trespassers could have sustained life-changing injuries or even died as a result.

They also could have easily fallen from the structure, which reportedly does have measures in place to prevent it from being access by unauthorised people.

Youngsters and their parents are now being urgently reminded of the hidden dangers railways pose and the serious and catastrophic consequences which can materialise.

Richard Tew, Network Rail’s head of safety for Anglia, said: “These youths were completely oblivious to the nearby overhead wires which carry up to 25,000 volts and can kill instantly or leave the person with life changing injuries if they survive.

“The hidden dangers on the railway are real and have far-reaching and devastating consequences for anyone who trespasses, which also affect family, friends and communities.

“Trespassing on any part of the railway isn’t worth the risk.

“If your friends are trespassing, don’t follow them. Call 0800 40 50 40 or text the British Transport Police on 61016.”

On Network Rail services between 2019 and 2020 a total of 17 people died after trespassing on the railway.

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