EVER wondered what crimes are being committed near you?

The latest figures from Data.Police.UK has revealed Boxted Road and the area around the hospital were the top hotspots for crime in Colchester in June.

The data shows there were 2,028 crimes recorded in Colchester. 

Of these the most were 752 violent or sexual offences followed by 434 incidents of antisocial behaviour. 

There were also 160 criminal damage and arson incidents reported. 

The data provided is the approximate location of a crime, not the exact place that it occurred due to location anonymisation.

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Use the table below to search for a street name to see what crimes have been recorded near you.

The top 10 worst streets for crime across the Colchester area were:

  • On or near Boxted Road – 37
  • On or near hospital – 28
  • On or near Rebow Street – 15
  • On or near St Nicholas Street - 13
  • On or near Halstead Road – 13
  • On or near Culver Street West – 12
  • On or near Head Street – 12
  • On or near St Andrew's Avenue – 12
  • On or near King Stephen Road - 11
  • On or near Tollgate East – 10

You can also use our map to see where other crimes were reported in June. 

To find out more visit police.uk.