FOREIGN travel might be limited this summer but for today’s Nostalgia spread we’re jetting off to the Spanish sun.

We’re taking a trip down memory lane thanks to these pictures of exchange trips in the 1990s.

They feature Colchester Sixth Form College students and have been supplied by long-serving languages teacher David Huggon.

Mr Huggon has just retired after 32 years, having organised 30 exchange trips to Spain.He would have made it 31, had Covid not intervened the week before students were due to travel in 2020.

Fortunately, Mr Huggon took lots of photos and the selection on this spread will hopefully rekindle fond memories for both staff and students.

One notable image features Judith Scott, who was the other half of the Spanish team at the college in the 90s.

Gazette: Spanish trips in the 1990s

To her right is student Anna Hope, who has just been appointed to replace Mr Huggon as head of Spanish.

Can you see yourself or anyone you know?