STORM Evert is set to bring strong winds and heavy rain to Colchester.

The Met office has issued a yellow weather warning for today (Friday, July 30) amid fears the gales will cause disruption across the town.

There is also the potential for heavy and thundery downpours throughout the day.

Parts of the UK could see winds top 75mph when the storm hits today, with Colchester set to see a deluge of rain on Friday too.

The weather warning is in place until 6pm on Friday, so here is the Met Office’s hour-by-hour forecast for Colchester until then:

  • 9am - rain expected, 50 per cent chance, winds of 20mph also predicted.
  • 10am - dry with temperatures of 16c and winds of 23mph possible.
  • 11am - dry but with winds speeds picking up to 30mph. Temperatures of 17c expected but feeling colder.
  • 12pm - 50 per cent chance of light rain with winds of 33mph.
  • 1pm - temperatures rising to 18c, however, wind speeds continue to pick up to 34mph.
  • 2pm - dry and cloudy with winds of 37mph possible.
  • 3pm - some rain expected, 50 per cent chance, with winds of 36mph. Temperatures could hit 19c.
  • 4pm - thundery showers expected, 70 per cent chance, with winds of 34mph.
  • 5pm - heavy showers continue, with winds of 33mph. Temperatures expected of 17c but will feel colder.
  • 6pm - lighter showers continue, 40 per cent chance, with winds picking up again to 34mph.

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The Met Office says the strong winds caused by Storm Evert in Southend could cause disruption to all forms of transport, damage to buildings, create spray from the sea and short-term loss of power.

Met Office Principal Operational Meteorologist Dan Suri said, “Storm Evert will bring some high winds, particularly along the northern coast of the southwest, but there will be gusty winds more widely in southern areas, which brings the potential for some impacts, especially for those that might be travelling or camping in the weather.

“Storm Evert will move eastwards across southern UK during Friday daytime, clearing into the North Sea during Friday evening.

“As well as the high winds, there will also be some heavy rain before it leaves our shores, with up to 40 mm possible over parts of Wales and the southwest and the potential for 40 or 50 mm rain in a short period of time from heavy, possibly thundery, showers over parts of eastern and central England on Friday afternoon.”