A YOUNG dealer found with thousands of pounds worth of drugs was warned by his mother he was “slipping deeper and deeper into darkness”.

Benjamin Senior, 21, was found with several different types of illicit substances and kept a ledger detailing deals worth almost £40,000.

Stephen Rose, prosecuting at Ipswich Crown Court, said police officers initially acted on intelligence received relating to two cars.

In March 2019, they noted a blue Mini Cooper parked in De Vere Road, Earls Colne, which was then joined by a Vauxhall driven by Senior.

Police approached Senior, of Atlas Road, Earls Colne, and told him they would search the cars.

Mr Rose said Senior became “reluctant and agitated” in relation to a particular container found in the Vauxhall.

He said it contained coffee which would spoil if opened.

But officers weren’t fooled, opening the container to find 16 of wraps of cannabis.

Also seized from the Vauxhall was £9,450 in cash, 17 resealable bags of cocaine and two vials of testosterone.

The total street value of the drugs seized from the Vauxhall came to £6,786.

From the Mini Cooper, officers seized 56 bags of high-purity cocaine, 472 MDMA tablets, 26 bags of cannabis and two bricks of cannabis resin, all with a total worth of £24,503.

As a result of the find, officers searched Senior’s home, finding two bags of cocaine worth £352 in his bedroom.

They also found a letter from his mother, despairing at his slide “deeper and deeper into darkness”.

It warned against his association with people who “he thinks are his friends”, and referred to the use of weapons.

Police also seized a diary with references to cocaine, cannabis and transactions totalling £39,796.

Senior admitted two counts of possession with intent to supply class A drugs, two of possession with intent to supply class B drugs and possession of a class C drug.

George Wills, mitigating, said his client, had behaved inmaturely and had since undertaken sessions to improve his thinking skills.

He said: “He slipped into a place where he frankly had no control over it anymore and was unable to get out.”

Senior was sentenced to 30 months imprisonment.


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