DISGRUNTLED pensioners are threatening to hire a hawk to prevent pesky pigeons pooing all over their street.

Residents in Dame Mary Walk in Halstead, are crying foul after their feathered friends started using their road as a dumping ground.

The street is a private retirement area and is being plagued by pigeons roosting in its trees.

Cars, pavements and gates are frequently covered in pigeon droppings.

Residents fear it is becoming a health hazard.

Some are now hoping to hire a hawk in a bid to scare off the birds and keep the street clean.

The bird of prey would be brought to the street and taken around the area so its scent is spread around.

It is hoped this would put pigeons off roosting near the homes and force them to move elsewhere, with plenty of open space nearby.

Vic Maguire, 83, lives on Dame Mary Walk and is leading the bid to hire a hawk.

He said: “I used to work in the city, in London, and we had this chap who used to come round to the courtyard with a hawk.

“I think they also have one at Wimbledon to keep the pigeons away from the court.

“We get pigeons here all the time. They’re not causing damage but their mess is just sort of everywhere, by the bin storage and on the floor.

“This has been going on for a while but, since lockdown, we’ve noticed it more because we have less to do.”

He added: “There is enough green space around here for the birds to go to and because of the pigeons we don’t get any of the smaller birds here either.

“The land is private so the council aren’t really interested.

“It gets all over the gates and people don’t really want to touch them.

“On the floor, you can also tread it into your house. I really think it’s a health hazard.”

Harris hawks and other raptors are often used to scare off birds where they are causing problems.

Pest controllers say using the scent of a hawk is a natural and ecologically-friendly method of deterring pigeons.