PRODUCERS are looking for budding chefs from Colchester to apply for a new series of Come Dine With Me.

The makers of the Channel 4 programme are appealing for prospective contestants to apply for the popular dinner party show.

Production of the cookery programme, where contestants compete to throw the best dinner party for a cash prize, had been paused during the pandemic.

Episodes will be filmed in a “Covid-secure venue” rather than contestants’ own homes, according to a statement.

People from Chelmsford are also being encouraged to apply.

The closing date for entries is September 10.

Back in 2013, Colchester Councillor Darius Laws made it onto the programme to showcase his culinary skills - as well as his affection for the town's Roman history.

He dressed as a Roman solider, fully equipped with a sword, and two slave girls served his guests their drinks for the evening.

Mr Laws entertained his company with facts about Roman Colchester - explaining key parts of its ancient history.

Unfortunately, he did not win his episode.

To apply for seasons 18 and 19, or find out more, visit,