EXTRA police patrols are planned in Castle Park after vandals went on a wrecking spree in the attraction's public toilets.

A series of vandalism attacks took place at various public facilities in the park over the weekend.

A sink was ripped from the walls in the toilets near Hollytree Museum, a hand drier was pulled off the wall in the men's toilets next to the Cafe in the Park and a door was kicked in on the men's toilets near the boating lake.

All toilets blocks have now reopened, however, Colchester Council will complete finals repairs to the facilities as quickly as possible.

The council’s dedicated Park Ranger team monitor the toilets in Castle Park regularly but due to the vandalism, Essex Police are carrying out extra patrols along with the council’s Neighbourhood team, park rangers and ID Verde staff.


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Beverley Oxford, Colchester Council's communities boss, said: “It’s a real concern to see what damage has been done by a small minority intent on vandalising rather than respecting the facilities in Castle Park.

"Why they do this is beyond me – especially given that so many people now realise how important our outside spaces are for wellbeing and mental health.

“The blame for the temporary closure of these toilets is not down to the council and our hardworking Ranger team, but the idiots that caused the damage.

"Time and resources will now have to be found to pay for the repair work.

"It should not be necessary, but while there are these thoughtless individuals about, intent on disrupting things for everyone else, the council and others will need to be there using council taxpayer’s money to pick up the pieces.”