The body which was responsible for a six-tonne beech tree crashing into a conservatory has described the incident as “unfortunate”.

The 30ft tree smashed into Elizabeth French’s home in the early hours of Saturday morning, despite years’ worth of efforts from residents who had lobbied to have the sprawling beeches maintained.

Tree surgeons and heavy plant contractors spent much of Tuesday clearing up the debris left behind by the 80-year-old tree.

Ms French, 48, of Maypole Green Road, said she had contacted the landowners Annington Homes for years asking them to take action to make the tree safe.

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But in a statement from Annington Homes, a spokesman said it was in fact a responsibility for the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), to whom the properties are rented.


“Whilst this is an awful situation, the DIO is responsible for the maintenance works on the estate and surrounding areas.

“We have no responsibility or right to carry out any maintenance works.”

When contacted by the Gazette, a spokesman for DIO said:

“We are aware of the unfortunate collapse of a tree from a service family accommodation home which caused damage to a neighbouring conservatory.

“We urgently removed the tree and are investigating the causes.

“We have given the homeowner details of how to claim compensation and are reviewing our records of previous tree surveys and correspondence as part of our investigation.”