A WOMAN with multiple sclerosis is starring alongside Game of Thrones actors Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie and a host of other celebrities with a close personal connection to the debilitating condition.

Teresa Zaylor, from Colchester, is part of a judging panel made up of people living with MS in a film which sees celebrities audition to help fund life-changing research for MS.

Viewers can watch Kit take part in a bucket collection with Breeders and New Tricks actor Alun Armstrong, while Rose undergoes a bike-athon fundraiser compered by Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills.

Gazette: Game Of Thrones Kit Harrington

Chef Ainsley Harriott and comedian Ivo Graham also take to the stage to try to impress Teresa and her fellow judges.

Teresa, 36, was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS aged 23, after developing optic neuritis and losing feeling down one side of her body.

She is a professional actress and has appeared in programmes such as EastEnders, Casualty and Doctors.

The condition damages nerves and makes it harder to do every day things, including walking, talking and eating.

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While there are treatments available for the relapsing form of MS, and some emerging for progressive MS, there is currently nothing to stop someone becoming more disabled as the condition advances.

Gazette: Stop MS campaign with Teresa Zaylor

Teresa, who is able to manage her condition with treatment, said: “Without treatment, I don’t know if I’d be able to work.

“My MS used to affect my walking and I was using crutches, but since I’ve started taking Ocrelizumab, I have no day-to-day symptoms, except fatigue.

“It’s scary to think that one day my MS might become progressive and I won’t have the same treatment options.

“I mainly worry for the people around me as I don’t want to become a burden on them.

“Recently I was pushing my son around on his toy tractor and I needed to sit down after one lap.

“I got this horrible ‘You can’t do things’ feeling. It was heart-breaking.”

Gazette: Stop MS campaign with Teresa Zaylor

The campaign was created by the MS Society to encourage people to support its Stop MS Appeal, which needs to raise £100million to find treatments for everyone living with MS.

Now, Teresa, Kit, Rose and co-stars call on the public to join #TeamStopMS and support the MS Society any way they can whether that’s donating, fundraising, or simply spreading the word on social media.

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Teresa added: “I do feel hopeful because there is so much research being done.

“I’m so reliant on treatment and it’s completely changed my life, and if it weren’t for people donating and supporting MS research, many people would be having a horrendous time.

Gazette: Stop MS campaign with Teresa Zaylor

“What’s brilliant about Team Stop MS is that anyone and everyone can be involved, and take action to help all of us living with MS.”

Dr Sarah Rawlings, executive director of research at external affairs at the MS Society, said: “We’ve got a plan to stop MS for good, and we want you on our team.

“Together we need to raise £100million – and the good news is we’re already over halfway there, but we still need your support to reach our target.”

To view the short film visit, www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwjIQqzVhm4.