THE people of Essex are among the moodiest in the country, according to a study.

The study asked more than 6,000 people across 40 counties to rate their mental state across ten cognitive and emotional traits, including ‘calm’, ‘focused’ and ‘relaxed’.

And despite England’s Euros success and the majority of lockdown restrictions lifting within weeks, the results indicate a general downbeat feeling across the county.

Essex ranked in 36th place out of 40, with first place, Warwickshire, being the most upbeat region.

More broadly, England has rated its overall mood at just 58 out of 100, according to the detailed national mental wellbeing analysis.

Mental health and movement expert Dr Brendon Stubbs led the ‘State-of-Mind Index’ research, which was commissioned by sports brand ASICS as part of a partnership with the mental health charity Mind.

He believes the middling scores suggests a ‘feeling of trepidation’ across the nation, with ‘energised’ (54), ‘confidence’ (57) and ‘positivity’ (58) scoring the lowest across the country.

He said: “Following 18 months of setbacks, restrictions and uncertainty, this has meant the mood of the nation is understandably flat.

“At a time where we are turning a corner with a more positive outlook, the nation is still apprehensive, and this is reflected in our general mental wellbeing.”

Greater London placed 16th in the rankings of 40 counties, while Suffolk ranked 17th and Kent fell slightly lower in 32nd.

Gary Raucher, executive vice president at ASICS, added: “We’ve always believed in the positive impact of movement on the body and on the mind.

“It’s our founding philosophy and its never meant more than right now.

“We know the pandemic has put even more pressure on the mental wellbeing of many people and we’re committed to take action.

“We’re keen to work with fantastic organisations such as Mind to support more people to move for their physical and mental wellbeing.”