A COLCHESTER secondary school has moved one year group to remote learning due to a Covid outbreak amongst pupils.

Philip Morant, in Rembrandt Way, has stopped face-to-face teaching for year ten pupils through to the end of term.

In a letter sent to parents posted on the school's website the school confirmed there had been six positive cases in the year group in 16 days.

This had forced more than 170 students to self-isolate and some to even self-isolate twice.

The letter, from headteacher Scott Holder, states: "This has seen a significant disruption to learning for all year 10 students.

"At the same time we have an increasing number of staff having to self-isolate, putting us in a precarious position in terms of keeping the school fully operational.

"We have spoken to Essex Test and Trace today who confirm our number of cases constitutes an outbreak.

"Taking all of these factors into account, we have decided to close the year 10 year group for the remainder of the term."

Year ten students moved to remove learning on Thursday and will remain learning from home until the end of the school year.

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The letter adds: "We will continue to monitor the situation in other year groups.

"We are taking this action to keep everyone safe and hope we can return to a more settled September."

For updates, visit philipmorant.essex.sch.uk.