THE best and worst GP surgeries in north Essex have been ranked by patients.

All of the GP surgeries overseen by the North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group have been ranked in the 2021 NHS patient survey.

The survey data is collated by asking patients their views on their experiences at the surgeries.

The England-wide survey takes place every year and provides practice level assessment of patient experiences at their doctors.

Across the CCG area, almost 10,000 questionnaires were sent out, with 4,181 returned completed.

What does the survey asses?

It asks residents questions on a range of topics including how easy it is to make an appointment, the overall experience and things like Covid practices.

Which are the best surgeries in the area?

Rated by overall satisfaction, by the percentage of patients who ranked their surgery at least good, there was a clear winner.

Great Bentley Surgery came top of the pile with an impressive 99 per cent.

Second was Lawford Surgery with 96, followed by The Riverside Health Centre in Manningtree with 95.

The highest performing Colchester surgery was Mill Road Surgery, which scored 93 per cent, followed by Bluebell Surgery with 87 per cent.

Which surgeries are ranked the worst by patients?

Tollgate Health Centre was ranked bottom of the pile.

Just 62 per cent of patients rated it good or above, well below the national average of 83 per cent.

Clacton Community Practices came second bottom with a score of 65 per cent.

Third from last was Rowhedge Surgery, which scored just 66 per cent.

Here is a table showing the results of each surgery in the North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group area:

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How does the CCG rank nationally?

The average results for the CCG show it fairs below the national average.

In terms of overall experience of their GP surgery, 79 per cent of patients in north Essex ranked theirs as "good" or higher.

This is below the national average of 83 per cent.

However, this percentage has increased from 77 per cent since 2020's survey.

The results put the CCG in amongst the lowest results for areas across East Anglia.

You can view the full survey results here.