CALLS for a statue of Gareth Southgate to stand next one of a warrior queen who burnt Colchester to the ground have been made.

Liberal Democrat Lord Thomas of Gresford suggested to peers that a memorial to the Three Lions boss should be built next to one of Iceni queen Boudica on Westminster Bridge in London if England wins the Euros tournament.

This is because victory in Sunday’s final would represent England’s first competitive win over Italy on English soil since the Celtic tribe leader defeated occupying Roman forces in Colchester almost 2,000 years ago, joked Lord Thomas, 84.


He told the House of Lords: “The most intense match that there has been for 55 years, you have to be as old as me to remember the last time England were in the (World Cup) final in 1966.

“I remember it well on black and white television sets.

“But of course, that was Germany.

“The last win against Italy in previous competition on English soil, well, you have to go back in history to England’s last chance of victory when Boudica sacked Colchester.

“I think it would be quite appropriate if a statue of Gareth Southgate would be placed next to hers on Westminster Bridge if England can repeat her victory.”

Boudica led an Iceni tribe during their rebellion against the Roman occupiers of Britain, whose captial was Colchester - then called Camulodunum.


The Iceni revolt kicked off in Colchester in 60 or 61 AD with the tribe setting out to systematically slaughter every Roman who lived in the town.

Colchester was almost completely burnt to the ground during the assault and even today if you dig deep enough in the soil you will discover a layer of ash, known to archaeologists as the Boudican Layer.

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