A DIRECTOR’S “utterly bonkers” new movie has been given the green light to shoot in a seaside town after film fans raised thousands of pounds.

Dominic Morgan, 48, is currently preparing to begin his production of Morris Men, which is due to start filming in Clacton this October.

The award-winning filmmaker’s latest silver screen effort is described as being an urban vengeance thriller about ninja fighting Border Morris dancers.

The director is now armed with a budget of £125,000 and is now looking to finally bring his bizarre yet intriguing sounding vision to life.


He said: “It may sound utterly bonkers, and in many ways it is, in the same way as Kick-Ass, Kingsman or many other Marvel or DC studio productions.

“Morris Men is high energy, featuring some explosive ‘Eskrima’ martial arts and parkour action.

“This is all whilst telling a powerful story of two people struggling to come to terms with their place in the destructive modern world.

The film’s cast is comprised of actors who have starred in the likes of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, as well as gymnastics champions and MMA fighters.

Mr Morgan, whose idols include Shane Meadows and Robert Rodriguez, will also use the project to give marginalised people and teenagers a chance to work on a film set.

As someone with autism, who is a mental health survivor, the director says he is dedicated to championing the underdog and giving everyone a shot.

“Everyone has something to offer given the opportunity and our underdog crew is a powerful testament to that,” he added.

Movie buff Mr Morgan, whose first micro-budget film, Faith, was shot in his parents’ barn, embarked on a £10,000 fundraising drive last year.

He has also sourced funding through sponsors and cash investments from companies or people who have joined the project as producers.

Jason Smedley, owner of the Royal Hotel, in Clacton, has also agreed to provide the cast and crew with catering and accommodation throughout the shoot.

The director said: “These incredible gestures and vast cost savings are yet another reason I am able to produce my movies within my home county and another reason why Clacton is such an amazing place.

“The positivity, enthusiasm, help and collaboration has been nothing short of awe inspiring; from initial discussions with the council, to each and every local business who has offered their support so far.

“We hope to give that back by proving the area has everything needed to become a full time film production region, and not just a vibrant holiday destination.”

Morris Men is expected to complete production by the end of October and will be released in the Summer of 2022 through Moviehouse Entertainment.

Anyone from Clacton who would like to star in the film as an extra is asked to email or team@morrismenmovie.com or visit morrismenmovie.com.