A COLCHESTER nightclub has revealed controversial proposals to serve alcohol at the premises until 4am.

Atik, in Colchester High Street, has applied to vary the conditions of its licence in order to serve alcohol between 11am and 4am Monday to Sunday.

If approved, the club would also be allowed to serve alcohol until 6am on special occasions such as St Patricks Day, Christmas Eve and Halloween.

Under the conditions of its existing licence, the latest the club is allowed to serve booze is 3am.

Following a number of objections from concerned residents, Attik's application will be examined at a meeting of Colchester Council's licensing sub-committee on Thursday.

One objector said: "Unfortunately, the large number of people leaving a substantial venue, like Atik, fuelled by alcohol and excitement do create a substantial amount of noise, litter, and, worse, bodily fluids.

"This, obviously, negatively impacts the quality of life of anyone living in the town centre environs.

"For instance, the late night football match, in the road, with a neighbours recycling bin last week, or the spate of broken wing mirrors.

"To be disturbed in the late evening is one thing, perhaps to be borne, but to be disturbed again in the early morning is quite unacceptable.

"This second wave will have had the opportunity to enjoy considerably more alcohol."

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Another added: "There is no need for such extensive hours for a place of leisure and entertainment, set in this residential area which the town centre is increasingly becoming.

"On the grounds of noise, possible behaviour problems, increased litter, it is inappropriate.

"Indeed, such extended hours seems to indicate that the business will start to advertise itself as a all-night venue, possibly ‘rave’ type functions – which is totally unacceptable.

Colchester Civic Society and the Dutch Quarter Association has also objected to the plans.

The civic society said: "Granting the application may please a few but will inevitably have a hugely detrimental effect on the lives of hundreds of local residents and on other businesses struggling to survive, the hoteliers needing good reviews, the retailers who have to deal with broken windows or urine stained doorways, for example.

"Your Licensing Policy is clear. You can reject this application on so many grounds. We urge you to do so."

Committee members will decide on the plans after hearing evidence on Thursday.