A BRAVE nine-year-old boy from Colchester is battling a form of cancer so rare doctors are struggling to diagnose it.

Brinkley Grove Primary School pupil J-Jay Wood has received three rounds of chemotherapy treatment after being rushed to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge last week.

Doctors still don’t know exactly what they are dealing with but the youngster has a cancerous tumour in his pelvis.

Grandmother Sally Ruggier, 58, said: “He had been complaining of leg pain which the doctors put down to growing pains.

“For three weeks he was on Ibuprofen. Then he had a night where he could not sleep and he went to A&E at Colchester Hospital.

“He was subjected to the usual tests and they found he had a tumour in his pelvis which is digging into the base of his spine and his left hip.

“The doctors do not know exactly what they are dealing with as it is such a rare tumour.”

Despite his diagnosis J-Jay, who lives with mum, Marie, and sister, Jenna-Mae, five, in Highwoods, remains in good spirits - naming his tumour Mr Blobby and continuing to make his family laugh.

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Sally said: “He is such a lovely, kind little boy.

“The school are aware and sent him an activity pack with a message from the pupils and staff, which was lovely.His mum and J-Jay lived with me for the first three months of his life so he is really special to me.

“She is my only daughter and to see this happening to her first born is heartbreaking.

“His sister Jenna-Mae is very close to him. She doesn’t totally understand what is going on at the moment.

“She is being spoiled rotten by various family members she is staying with. She knows he is in hospital but she does not know how ill he is.

“I took her up to see mum on Saturday and it was heartbreaking to have to leave.

“But J-Jay is taking it in his stride. He is a sweet, helpful and polite young man. He really is an angel.”

A fundraising page has been set up to help Marie with the expenses of travelling to and from the hospital.

Sally said: “As she is a single parent it will help her with the fuel costs and expenses at the hospital.

“There has been an amazing response so far. We achieved the £500 target within 24 hours. It has made me feel good knowing there is support out there for mum and J-Jay.”

Donate at www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/jjay.